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5 TRATEGIES: Where To Invest Money

5 TRATEGIES: Where To Invest Money

5 TRATEGIES: Where To Invest Money

Where to invest money?Nice question, right? Where to invest it so as not to lose it, to earn more ...?

Regarding money, one can be in one of these two situations: either have it or not have it (it shows that I am deep ...).

If you don't have it it would be a good idea to start having it. Money, whether you want to or not, is needed. Maybe now you are not worried, especially if you are young, but the future will come , and with it the family, the desire to reside somewhere in property, the lack of retirement pensions ..., so you can decide what to invest in. your money becomes a matter of vital importance

  • Keep it in your house so that you do not lose it (mattress, floor slabs, closet attics ... ).
  • Put it in the bank , in one of those fantastic zero interest savings accounts, thinking that you are well protected. Despite this, I must tell you that banks fail, and in the face of upcoming financial crises  - doubts that there will be? - There is always the possibility of playpens or various stories, especially if you live in an emerging country or in a European but second-speed country - Greece, Italy, Spain? -.
  • Spend it on nonsense , especially if you are a Viva la Virgen . It is also called fulminating it, squandering it, setting it on fire: partying, traveling, cars ... As it comes in, it comes out. You are what is usually called a broken hand man, or a maniroto, or you have a hole in your pocket. Money burns you.
  • And finally the smartest solution , the one that denotes good doses of head, brains, common sense and financial intelligence. This:

Invest money to make more money

You already know the principle that money calls money . Currently, in the new age society , it is called the Law of Attraction . In the Bible it was said that whoever has will be given more and whoever does not have even what he does not have will be taken away (it is that God brought them to him, some things should be reviewed revisar).

I simply call it one of two:
  • That what you focus on expands.
  • And that you can use the money to put it to work for you, to provide you with more money . The important thing, as  Robert T. Kiyosaki  or Harv Eker said, is that you do not work to get money, but you put the money to work for yourself .

It's not just about earning more. The first and most important thing is not to lose what we have. To see if we are ready and we take the first on the forehead, we fall with the whole team.

So before talking about where to invest money , I would like to give you these brief guidelines to ensure success in what you do:

Basic tips when investing money

  • First.- Large returns tend to be accompanied by large risks. Nobody gives you anything, or as it was said before, nobody gives four pesetas hard. If there is a possibility of winning a lot it is because there is also a possibility of losing a lot.
  • Second.- That greed cannot. You have your whole life ahead of you. He acts with head, step by step and with good foot. Don't be in a hurry, there is time for everything.
  • Third.- Before investing (money or whatever), train yourself, acquire knowledge, become a connoisseur in the matter, learn about what you are going to do.
  • Fourth.- Invest not what you have, but what is left over. Your basic needs come first. Your family comes first. Do not invest what you do not have, or what you have but you are going to need soon for important things. This obviously includes not borrowing to invest. Debt = chains, death, slavery. Don't work for them. And if you already have the debts, do your best to get out of them.
  • Fifth.- Flee from those who do not offer you security, but only words. There are people who speak very well, wear a suit and tie, and based on that information, you think they are someone. Flee from whom you intuit only appearance. Ask for credentials, experience, security, data, figures ... Do not believe in Trust me . Why should you trust? Will he refund your money with his if you lose?

Financial freedom and independenceThat said, and to get into the matter, let's see where you can invest money . I have been doing it for years, it is a very interesting activity, although what I am going to say here are only objective possibilities.

I neither encourage nor defend anything. I just express what I know and what I do. Do not interpret it as a push that wants to give you. This is very delicate. Everyone is free to make their decisions and must experience the consequences of what they do. In any case, there are differences of profiles, of countries, of times… so each case is a case.

Having said which, let's go to the topic.

Where to invest money

1. Properties

My number one choice. And yes, I already know that there are real estate bubbles, risks, etc. Still, it's my preferred option, basically for two reasons:

  • Real estate, especially housing, are basic necessities. You will always need flats, like bread, oil, shirts, pants ... That means that there will always be people who buy them, because there will always be people who need to live under a roof.
  • The possibilities of investment and profit making are various. You are not condemned to one thing. You can rent the property or resell it to earn a capital gain. In this article on real estate investments you can learn more.
By real estate we understand a wide variety of assumptions, mainly:

  • Housing , as we have said, for people to live. You rent them, you sell them later ...
  • Commercial premises , for shops, businesses ..., which are usually more expensive than homes.
  • Rustic land , which offers the advantage that its tax burden, at least in Spain, is less than urban property (less is paid). Another advantage is that you can develop an agricultural business in them, entrusting their management and work to third parties, with which you have a fully functioning company.
As I said at the beginning, this is my number one preferred option when it comes to investing money . The risk is small and the returns and earnings possibilities very reasonable. Volatility is also low. There may be price variations but they are manifested in relatively long cycles in time, that is, you can see them coming, not as in the assumption that we are going to see now.

2. Stock markets

invest in stockAnother interesting option IF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DO (emphasis in capital letters).

I am in favor of learning a method and following it. Nothing to try, act according to what the "specialized" press says, let yourself be guided by someone, who in turn lets you be guided by someone ...

In stock markets (exchanges) the investment possibilities are also several. There are people who choose companies that give good benefits (dividends) and others who prefer speculation (buy low to sell high).

You can earn money not only when the bag goes up but also when it goes down, that's why I said that the possibilities are multiple. If you like risk, you have the option of leverage and if, on the other hand, you do not want to get your head back, you can easily learn how to invest in index funds or similar options.

In this blog we have already talked about investing in the stock market and specifically investment funds . And we also offer the possibility of investing in stock markets in the simplest possible way: replicating what the experts do .

3. Financial products

What do we understand as such?
  • In a strict sense they refer to different figures in which you can invest money to finance others. In other words, you have money, someone else needs it, you meet, you lend it to him and he uses it.

This other can be a private entity, for example a company (company bonds) or a public entity: in Spain, for example, state, autonomous communities ... If you are so innocent that you think the state spends on what it collects in taxes, I must get you out of the mistake: the state spends on what it takes from you (taxes), on what is in debt (letters, promissory notes ...), what it has, what it does not have and what is put before it. States and governments are true fiscal predators; It happens to them like banking, they never have enough 🙂.

  • In a broad sense , when we talk about financial products we mean any type of product that gives us a return on our money. This would also include, for example, pension plans. Do you want to know what I think of them? Well, I'll tell you, since you're asking me 🙂.

retirement, pensions and retirement pensionsI don't like anyone managing my money . Much less if it is the state (voracious predator and compulsive spender where they exist) or private financial entities -banks and insurers- that speculate with money that they do not have, with impossible leverage, and that put the world economy in check. You know what happened in 2008.

And everything is cyclical, that is, that it returns, or that it will return, or that the same thing will happen, not because they have not learned, but because even if they learn, they do not care: voracity can. I don't know if it's vice, compulsion, anxiety ... what I do know is that I don't entrust my money to them.

Now, just as I say that I do not trust the above, I also say that there are very serious and solvent platforms, and that I have studied them well, offering personalized savings and investment plans for the type of person and level of risk that you want to assume . The one I like the most, this one :

(If you want an investment simulator of the above, here is one )

And hoping to have explained myself well, I move on to the next point.

4. Startups

Startups are technology-based companies that break into new business models to solve new needs (or to create them), and for that reason they lack references for their assessment. It is pure risk, there is nothing that can help you set parameters. They can go from grief or reap incredible successes.

I must admit that before them I experience a curious contradiction: I am not a lover of risk but they attract me powerfully, in fact I am an investor in several of them. It is a strange thing: I am fascinated by the vision that some people have to devise businesses and projects in a world as changing as ours, the ability they have to anticipate the future and perhaps the wishes of people ... I am so fascinated that sometimes I invest . Now, I have said it before: I invest what I do not need, what if I lose will not negatively influence any aspect of my life.

Possibilities: to invest from € 1,000 you have Startupexplore .

From 3,000 you can do it in The crowd angel .

In this case, unlike the stock market, there are usually no dividends. What exists is the possibility of an exit , that is, an exit from the company because it is sold to a third party and you can thus materialize your profit. It is what every investor expects: to invest in a startup that is going to be sold to a big shot and get a good ball.

5. Crowdlending and analogues

The crowdlending is a variant of the crowdfunding . If you don't know what neither is, I tell you:

  • The Crowdfunding is a form of investment that is to make money several people, usually in small amounts, to a project or going concern or to be born.
  • The crowdlending  is a form of investment that involves borrowing money from several persons to another or others. It would become the modern and democratic substitute or alternative to banking.
Crowdlending is very good; I practice it and it is a joy. The earnings are quite decent, you can exceed 10% on platforms like Mintos , and it is a way to have your money producing a profitability without having to do much. In fact, if you opt for automated modalities you don't have to do absolutely nothing.

These automated modalities, in the case of the previous platform, can consist of two possibilities:

⇒ Choose one of the 3 standard portfolios they offer: diversified, short and long term, or

⇒ Opt for self investment. Your money is automatically invested and reinvested according to the criteria you choose (the interest rate, the time period, etc.).

That you do not like either, because nothing, examine the operations that are available (many) and select the ones you want.

In this article you have a tutorial on the platform we are talking about.

And here are some possibilities when it comes to investing money . A good question, to finish, would be:

What to do with what you earn, what to do with the product of the investment of your money?

Well, everyone wants what they want, but I tell you what I do:
  • I save a part without touching it. I don't invest it or do anything with it. I have it available for any contingency that may occur.
  • I dedicate another part to living well . It doesn't burn my money, but I also don't want to be one of the modern slaves . I like to travel and not exactly in bad hotels, eating and not exactly in bad restaurants, buying books, things ... whatever I feel like.
  • Another part I reinvest . Money always has to be producing. He is a faithful slave. He does not complain, he does not protest, he does not ask you for anything in return, he is not affiliated with the union, he does not ask you for increases, or vacations, he does not beat you up ... He does not move from where you put him and he brings you more money , so that : a part to continue producing, for example with a savings plan .
  • And I donated another part for a long time. Fixed amounts come out of my account every month, going to, for example, UNHCR , Children's Villages or Fontilles .
Well, what about you? What plans do you have with your money? None, because you don't have? Well, you know: use talent and knowledge to create digital infoproducts , which is one of the great professions of the future  ( internet business , in general).

There are no excuses: you have or you do not have money, you can do things that allow you to get it, without having to create big and gigantic successful businesses like life. Today a simple platform helps you to start selling from scratch, without falling into the bondage of the traditional entrepreneurship model .
Finally, if you are wondering where to invest money and want to know up to 100 different ways to do it , this is the best product I have created on the subject:

That said, would you share the article with me on the networks, please? You just have to click here below; it costs so little to help others ... 

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