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How to get more benefits where there is less competition

How to get more benefits where there is less competition

How to get more benefits where there is less competition
I imagine you will like to get more benefits  in what you do, right? And you will think that for this you have to offer what everyone wants, what everyone requests. Let me take you out of the mistake because it is not like that at all.

You will see it below and it will surprise you. You will see that the important thing, among other things, is to have less competition  (to be more productive too ) .

As you know, everything has changed in recent times: companies , business models , consumers, marketing , sales , distribution channels, ways to make profits, to get money , the ways to achieve success , proficiency levels…

Until recently, what predominated were products consumed by the masses (the majority), generally uniform products with few differences, and which were offered by very specific companies firmly established in the market.

There was not much to choose from, because almost everyone chose the same (or with few variations). And that was what people were offered and what they consumed.

However, today the population consumes increasingly specific products (and demands services). You no longer want food , you want gluten-free food , or organic food .

This has led to the fact that, to make a place for yourself in the market, if you want to achieve success and obtain benefits, you have to offer specific things, for specific people, who have specific needs and preferences. Coffee is no longer worth for everyone . People want coffee , but from Jamaica , or fair trade .

In addition, to differentiate yourself from the big ones (the usual ones), which have taken over the bulk of the market, you have to offer different and specific things.
We are talking about something that I imagine you have heard, and that are niche markets. In the book The formula for success we have a chapter dedicated to them.

What are niche markets? O well,

How you can get more benefits with less competition

A market niche is a group of consumers that has specific characteristics, specific needs and specific preferences. Therefore, it is a nucleus in which you can focus well if you want to earn income and, of course, success . It constitutes a nucleus in which you have less competition and, consequently, you can obtain more benefits .

Do not think that it is easier to sell what most want. On the contrary, it is easier to sell what a few want, to those few, and adding many few of that or other niches, who want very few things.
more profits with little sales but little competition

Why? Because in the thick there is a lot of competition, and you, sorry to tell you, you just arrived. They'll tell you to get in line, pretty, pretty, because here we are before.

But there is no reason for concern because this, far from being a problem, is an opportunity. You don't have to fight with anyone to make a hole for yourself. Don't waste your energies there.

What you have to do is find your mass of followers, your tribe, your specific group that consumes specific products, that you can give them, and give them to them. Of course.

And if you can't find it, you have to innovate and venture. Many people do not know what they want until it is given. The masses, almost always, consume what is given to them. They do not know that they have a need until they create it from the outside.

They don't know they like a thing until they try it. And you're there to give it to him. To make them see what they need!

The long tail to get more benefits

This is related to a concept that you may have heard on occasion: the long tail .

It originates from an article published by C hris Anderson in 2004. From there it has created a whole stream and a business model that has proven to be very profitable (in other words: it allows you to earn a lot of money and get good benefits ).

You will see it better in the following graph:
How to get more benefits where there is less competition

On the left margin we see a bulk of products or services that are consumed by most people, and that are in high demand . From there a whole long queue of less demanded products or services begins , but that can be consumed by much more people , if we start adding (the queue does not end where the graph; it continues).

Let's take a specific example: the publishing market.
The publishing market is not a niche market, it is a sector. If we wanted to find a market niche within it, we could talk, for example, about digital books ( e books ), or books about self-help, or business, or mystery, etc.

And if we wanted to find micro market niches, that is, niches within niches, or a very long queue, we would go, within e books, or business books, to much more specific categories: e books on a certain subject , or books on out-of-print businesses, or by very minority authors, to give an example.

A formula for business success with this tactic is offered by Amazon . "But you didn't say that we couldn't compete with the greats, that they already had their place?" . Yes, but you cannot compete with the great when they are great , but Amazon before being great has been small. And it has become big precisely because of the long tail phenomenon.

To sell the best seller of the moment there is an endless number of online and offline bookstores that sell it. But if you want a very specific book, of which perhaps only one copy remains in the world, you have to go to Amazon.

Amazon sells millions of books of which only one copy remains, or they are tremendously specific, or they are out of print. But he sells millions of books of that kind. Which means sales, benefits,  income , money  and success . What you want, yes?

Selling a few things of many kinds means selling a lot. Search and differentiate yourself - Share it!      
Another example of long tail can be found on the web portal Indie Book Edition , by the executive and online marketing consultant Alejandro Capparelli. Alejandro is a marketing specialist, but does not offer marketing services, but marketing for writers .

He is a great connoisseur of online resources, but offers them specifically for publishing and selling books .

Many people know about marketing and online resources, but specialized in the digital publishing sector there are few like Alejandro. So if I want something specific for myself, that I am a writer and I want to promote myself in the digital world, I go to Alejandro and Indie Book Edition .

Why do I want a marketing expert who sells my book the same as a batch of soy milk?

And to do a little advertising, how could it be less? The formula for success is another example of a niche market and long tail. There are many books on business, companies, entrepreneurship, success, etc. But I was missing a more specific one, one that treated entrepreneurs from the perspective that I wanted, and since I couldn't find it, I wrote it.

That is why The Formula of Success is a book for entrepreneurs with spiritual concerns, for entrepreneurs with heart, soul, ethics, responsible, conscious, knowing that they are free , divine and creative . What a strange thing, spirituality and business ! Weird? We are many, but most do not know until you show it to them.

And you will say: how can I take advantage of all this? I'll tell you.


  1. Don't go crazy (or crazy) pretending to do what everyone else does: sell what everyone else sells or offer what everyone else offers. There is a lot of competition, and what you need is LESS COMPETITION.
  2. Differentiate yourself, be unique, incredible, spectacular, and look for people who are like you: unique, incredible, spectacular.
  3. That something is not in high demand today does not mean that it will always be like this. Tomorrow may be a boom, and for that you have to be positioned from before.
  4. As a divine being that you are, you are here to create, not to copy. So, don't do what others do, create your own style, your own product, your own brand. Make up and offer yourself to the world.
  5. It is easier to obtain benefits and success  with small but abundant things, than with just one big one: Facebook is already invented, and Coca-Cola too.
  6. The important thing to get more benefits  is to go where there is LESS COMPETITION. Forget about the hordes and the masses. They will leave you exhausted.
  7. Take it easy and enjoy the journey. It is not essential to arrive first, but to have fun.
  8. In any case, life is an adventure and you are here to live it.
If you want to learn more about the long tail, and consequently how to get succulent benefits  with little competition, I recommend the following links:
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