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How to integrate spirit and matter (and achieve success)

How to integrate spirit and matter (and achieve success)

How to integrate spirit and matter (and achieve success)

 In this post you will discover how you can INTEGRATE SPIRIT AND MATTER  and thus REACH SUCCESS.

  There are very spiritual people. Perhaps  excessively spiritual . They spend the day doing meditation, repeating mantras and searching the internet for the next courses in Buddhism and yoga. I know because I have been one of them.

   When you are in that state, removed and not integrated into the world of matter, longing only for realities outside this dimension and looking for answers beyond the stars, there is the risk of not fulfilling your earthly tasks.

There is a risk of  evasion  and of considering this reality, which we live, as something  gross and material , as something opposed to our true essence,  away from our divinity .

   The soul obviously homesick for their origin and longs to return home. That is clear and cannot be lost sight of. But the truth is that we live in this world, this world is called  planet earth  and we are in it to do things. Things with others, things with the matter of the third dimension, things in this reality, however crude it may be.

  My system, my work dynamics and my way of working consist of  INTEGRATING SPIRIT AND MATTER . I am interested in  undertaking projects  without forgetting that I am a soul in a body. I am interested in earning money  without forgetting that it is only a source of energy, that flows, goes, comes, returns, moves away and transforms.

I am interested in  REACHING SUCCESS  knowing that it is the simple consequence of knowing myself as a creator and of flowing with the laws of life.

   When you integrate spirit and matter you know that you are a manifestation of God, a fragment of the primordial atom in journey through the earthly dimension.

And as much as you are in this dimension, you do not stop being a portion of God, so you do not stop being a bearer of the divine attributes:  ABUNDANCE , PROSPERITY , SUCCESS, JOY, WELFARE AND FULLNESS.

   Is there something wrong with making money ? The money is nothing more than a manifestation of  abundance . And abundance is a consequence of fullness on all levels. All levels are spirit and we are spirit. Therefore we  are neither far from money nor are we far from spirit .

Take my advice    : the highest achievement is to INTEGRATE SPIRIT AND MATTER . Understand that  the money , the success , the prosperity , the fullness ... are nothing away, different or opposed to God . And that is the way to develop business with heart, to become an entrepreneur with heart.

   INTEGRATING SPIRIT AND MATTER  can be the most sublime alchemist task you can achieve in this earthly experience. And understanding it can be your shuttle to success , it can be the decisive step in applying THE FORMULA FOR SUCCESS .

   Start, create, succeed, win, enjoy on the road, and understand that you are a creator, a creator, experiencing in the world of matter.

   Good business and good success.