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How to say no to self-sabotage

How to say no to self-sabotage

How to say no to self-sabotage
The issue of self - sabotage is very important, because it seems that we all want success , freedom ,  abundance , productivity , fulfillment,  prosperity ... but is it really so?

The mind and life of the human being develops within limits that we ourselves have set (perhaps unconsciously).

That is what makes up the  comfort and stability zone  in which we live, our  zone of tranquility and security .

In that area we are  safe and we are happy . We want success, yes, but don't be too bothered by where we are. We want to find the key and the formula of prosperity, of wealth, but without leaving much of the world we know, without wanting to improve ourselves .

And I say, it must be quite difficult to get new things without doing new things , right? 

In the area of ​​income, of getting money , Harv Eker says that we all have a  financial thermostat   that indicates the level of income that our mind is programmed to receive (and to live with). Although it seems that we want more, if the thermostat says that ours is € 1,500 / month, that is what, one way or another, sooner or later, we always end up getting.

And if a month we get more, strange and unexpected expenses will appear that will return us to our magic number: € 1,500 / month !!!

 So we don't get out of there.

Yes, yes, it seems unbelievable but  the mind insists ON THAT YOU ARE ALWAYS IN THE SAME SITE, in self-sabotaging ,  turning in your life to return to the starting place, like the treadmill: I spin and I spin, but I am In the same place. Of course, it gives me the feeling that I do things. It's kind of like the Rat Race, by Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad .

mind and creativity
   One very powerful thing that the mind does not to get out of the comfort zone, to go back to its financial thermostat (to get away with it, as always) is  SELF-DRIVE, to  practice SELF-DRIVE .

  To sabotage yourself is to insist on not getting ahead , looking for a thousand excuses and reasons for  not doing WHAT YOU KNOW YOU HAVE TO DO . It is to insist on looking for justifications that indicate that you cannot, should not or do not know how to do that.


In what ways do you practice self-sabotage?

   You sabotage yourself when:
  • You doubt a lot and doubt everything . Everything is a huge question that you do not know how to solve. Nothing is clear and everything is confusing.
  • You make excuses for not doing it : I do not have time, it is not urgent, it is not the most important thing, it is not really what I should do now ...
  • You justify yourself by saying you don't really want it . Or what is worse, you say that your ego wants it, but not your true self. So you even manage to cover the matter with a pleasant spiritual nuance (with which you feel great, of course. You feel great, and in the same place as before, without doing it!).
  • You ask everyone's opinion  (about everything) and focus only on  negative opinions .
  • A variant of the previous one: you are waiting (almost looking for) for someone to say   something negative to prove them right  and not do it.
  • Do you want an infallible formula to know if you really want something or not? I'm going to give it to you: Imagine that you can do it without any problem, without any limitation, that you have the money , the knowledge, the time, that nobody sees you ... would you really want it? Yes. So you  do want it, the only thing is that you don't dare .  
 Do you want to know if you really want it? Stop focusing on external opinions and circumstances   and LOOK INSIDE .

   The decision to do it or not should be yours. You don't need to agree with the world universe for everyone to give you their blessing and approval.

You are you, with your talents , your passions , your idiosyncrasy, your way of seeing the world, your values, your way of being ...
We always look for the answers in the wrong place:  out . It is time to  return to the place of origin , to our center, to our heart , and begin to decide, create , advance and evolve from there.

Goodbye, safety zone; goodbye self-sabotage ; welcome freedom