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More sales with the same product or the same business

More sales with the same product or the same business

More sales with the same product or the same business
The blackberry season has recently started in the place where I live. I have a tree that in principle is not very big, but when you start collecting it seems to have no end.

The other day I got down  to business : I picked up a large bucket, planted myself at one end of the tree, and started picking up from where I was towards the opposite end. I was going little by little, picking fruits with care not to leave any, looking and grasping right and left, slowly, delicately, doing a visual sweep ... 

until I reached the end of the tree, at the other end. Then I contemplated the fruit (never better said) of my work, and I prepared to leave understanding that I had already  emptied  the tree.

But lo and behold,  oh, surprise! I turned around, looked at the little tree from the place where it was, that is, from the place opposite to the one that had started, and I saw it full of berries. My eyes had traveled forward, but not backward. When it seemed that he had collected everything, the tree was still full of blackberries.

He had only looked at  one perspective , had not considered  other viewing angles . My eyes had looked only in one direction without taking into account that there were other addresses in s . The fruits were still there, only I had not looked.

When we have a product for sale we usually do the same. We have a product  X  and we sell it to an audience  Y , without leaving there,  without leaving the established script . However, with  my mo product  and the  same business , we can  multiply sales  and  multiply profits .
You just have to contemplate other perspectives, other viewing angles, use lateral or divergent thinking , use intelligence in every way.

1. What can we do to get more sales?

  • Create  NEW VERSIONS OF THE SAME PRODUCT . There are products that allow cheaper versions  ( low cost ) and more elaborate versions  ( delicatessen ). There are also products that allow versions for beginners and versions for professionals (the case of infoproducts , typical of the knowledge economy , of new professions ). We get several of the same product. We multiply benefits and success .
  • Get  MORE PURCHASE FREQUENCY for our product. Selling to a customer is fine, but selling more is better, right? For this, we must retain  the customers we already have: point cards, discounts for the second purchase, specific promotions, neuro-sales strategies aimed at the reptilian brain , use of the principle of reciprocity ..., and above all, create experiences in the purchase .
  • Get  NEW CUSTOMERS , for which we can use the customers we already have, offering them  advantages  for their collaboration. When I say  advantages  read little  gifts . In the task of acquiring new customers, the 4 p rules of marketing and vertical and horizontal marketing become important .
  • Establish  ALLIES with others to sell. You sell to your clients, but you can count on third parties who also have their clients, agreeing percentages or commissions. Remember that all of them want to sell, their products or someone else's, but sell. An example is affiliate marketing .
  • Use  PLATFORMS  that you have not yet taken into account. You can have a beautiful store, but by God, have you not yet realized that the Internet exists?
Remember:  internet = global sales = platform to success .
  • Incorporate NEW PRODUCTS related to the one you have. Whoever sells clothes can sell costume jewelery, whoever sells books can sell CDs, whoever sells houses can sell insurance for houses ...  
  • Create  NEW MARKET NICHES . You have a product that you target a specific audience, but you can redirect, target that same product to another audience. Example: you have written the best seller  Be happy NOW , and now you write  Be happy NOW  for young people, for women, for entrepreneurs, for singles, for the elderly ... It is what is called long tail theory or l ong tail .  
  • Open  NEW MARKETS . You sell in your city, but you can also sell in others or in other countries. The world does not end at the door of your store.
When you think you can't sell anymore, know that you can still do it. The tree is still loaded with fruit . You just have to know how to look at all the perspectives you have.

This one that we have exposed here is a strategy to obtain succulent benefits, but remember that there are many others. We are always learning….